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Use Of Blending Board

How to create your own unique rolags. The use of the Golden Fleece Blending Board is easy, simple and fun.

You can use the blending board on the table or on your lab. Thanks to the non-skid material on the backside the board is stable during blending.

First step is to draw various colors and/or fibres on the blending board. You can choose different layers and batts of fibres. After placing the fibres to the board you can use the special Golden Fleece Blending Brush to blend all the fibres in the same direction. Make sure you use several strokes depending on the amount of wool you used.

After blending you need to use the two dowel rods to remove the fibres from the board. Start from the bottom. Place one dowel rod under the fibres and the other one on top. Make sure you keep those two towel rods close to each other with only the fibres in between. Keep your hands on the left and right side of the dowel rods and start rolling upwards slowly. You can even lift the fibres a bit from the board between rolling to get some tension on the fibres. In case some fibres will stick to the board you can use the blending brush behind the dowel rods to comb them out of the teeth.

After all fibres are removed from the blending board and rolled up on the dowel rods the next step would be to pull out one dowel rod. This will help to remove the rollags easily before you can start spinning.