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Drum Carder 72 TPI

Drum Carder 72 TPI

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Brand: Golden Fleece Carders

Product Code: 03009

Availability: In stock

Drum carder - fine - 72TPI

The drum carder is a welcome addition to our Golden Fleece range. Using the drum carder makes carding wool and other fibers even more easy. The drums are 19cm wide and covered by high quality 72TPI carding cloth, meaning carding fibers will proceed smoothly.
As the diameter of the big drum contains 276mm! the huge carding surface of 86x20cm offers a great efficiency.
Both drums are layered and therefore the carder can be used without using a lot of strength. The drum carder is supplied including a wrench in order to modify the position of both drums to any preferred position. With the table clamps you can fix the drum to the table. It includes a doffer pin and cleaning brush in order to remove all the fibers.

- Nickel-plated wire and long-lasting rubber backing
- Industrial drive belt
- Weight 13,5 kg
- Adjustable drums, layered
- Including:wrench, 2 table clamps, doffer pin and cleaning brush
- Batt size: 86x20cm

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