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About Us

Proud of our first set of hand carders for wool we sold! This is how the adventure started together with my brother in 2013. Nowadays we are keen on the number of products and partners we serve.

High quality products at reasonable prices available for everybody. With those words in mind we started the company Golden Fleece Carders.

Crafts is gaining popularity and also the new generation is keen on craftsmanship and have the Do-It-Yourself attitude.    

It means we need to adapt to the demand of products and services. Next to carding and blending wool and other fibres we also focus on crocheting and knitting. We recently made our first steps by introducing our first collection Golden Fleece Cotton Yarns and soon more products and yarns will follow.

All these products can be found on our website. Interested to know more or in case you have questions, please feel free to contact us.