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About Carding Cloth

We supply carding cloth for blending boards, drum- and hand carders in various specifications. The foundation that we use can consist out of 3 or 4 layers of cotton with a 0,5mm or 0,9mm rubber top layer. The color of the top layer either can be red or blue/grey , this depends on what the customer prefers.

Also we use various types of wire for the teeth of the carding cloth. You can choose between bright, tinned, nickel plated or stainless steel wire. All these types of wire have their own unique characteristics that makes them suitable for all kinds of applications.

Golden Fleece Carders offers a wide range of carding cloth (not all are shown on this website). Therefore we can guarantee  that we can supply replacement cloth for every drum or hand carder on the market. For bigger quantities, please inform us about our retail prices. We would be more than glad to provide you with a quotation that suits your demand.

For mounting of the carding cloth we recommend to use a staple gun. The teeth of the carding cloth should be able to bend a bit forward and backwards. This is important for all the different applications. If you have trouble with keeping the cloth in place while mounting, you could use a spray adhesive for the edges. Just make sure that the teeth don’t get glued to the surface.